Re-keying Locks re-keyed and Masterkeying for Residential, School, Industrial Offices, YOUR APPLICATION!
Installations Available for professionalism and peace-of-mind security
Keys by code You have the code, we have the key!
Key Duplication Using state-of-the-art cutting lathes, we can machine you an accurately cut key.
BEWARE of stores that only have one lathe for all keys!
We have specialized lathes for different key blanks for precision and accuracy.
That means you will not have to come back to the store because your key won't work!
Access Control Card access, combo key pads, remote products - DIY
Complete help for the Do-It-Yourself individual
Safe Sales and service
CCTV Sales and service
Auto Service Available across-the-counter only
Lock Outs Lock your car doors and don't have a key?
Call us @ 224-0321 M-F 8-5:30pm
Residential and Commercial